Here we have selected some of the projects that we have been involved in. Keep in mind that we are not allowed to present many of our projects due to NDAs.


Diffusion Bonding is a solid state joining process and is achieved by the atomic diffusion at the joint interface without any significant deformation of the components. The result is a very clean homogenous joint.

There is currently no NDT technique that can reliably detect defects of the required dimensions and size in diffusion bonded joints during manufacture or in-service. The BondTest project will develop a validated NDT technique and system that will meet appropriate detection criteria, which will be commercialised and made available to industry.

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iMain Project

The objective is to develop a novel and advanced concept with a practical verified solution for an information-based predictive maintenance system which will include:

  • An embedded condition & energy monitoring system, which will nearly operate personal self-sufficient
  • A smart service life prediction system, that will complement the ECEM system through a number of virtual sensors
  • A novel e-maintenance strategy using cloud e-maintenance

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iMain Project

Linux powered Wireless POS-Terminal

Also a wireless POS-Terminal but with greater demands on integration, scalability and external interfaces this product is based on the Linux capable GE863-PRO³.

The unit is tailored to suit the demands from the web service which is an online food ordering service. For example it gives internet connection redundancy by having built in GSM/GPRS-modem and an ethernet port. Choosing Linux enabled us to build a future proof device with OTA capabilities for future upgrades and a high level of security for all communication protocols.

Rubico is responsible for the whole development process and this product is now being deployed in several European countries.

Telit Linux GPRS

Saber Professional

Saber measurement system is for building owners who want to decrease their energy usage. A new patented algorithm allows Saber to measure how the energy is used in buildings with district heating without installing additional energy meters.

Rubico helped KYAB develop the Saber unit from specification to final product. The unit is built around the powerful but energy efficient Blackfin architecture from Analog Devices running uClinux.


Wireless POS-Terminal

The company Fast Food Innovations needed a wireless POS-terminal for their web service The service makes it possible to order fast food from all the restaurants connected to the network online. After a market overview over the available GSM/GPRS modules the GT864-QUAD-PY unit from Telit stood out as a clear winner. The Python scripting capabilities provided a fast and efficient development from prototype to finished product. Telit GPRS

The PopCatcher Ripper

Packed with the award winning music technology from PopCatcher, The Ripper can rip music from radio to practically any MP3 player, iPod, USB-stick or memory card. It is based on the Blackfin processor from Analog Devices and runs uClinux. Rubico has been involved with porting uClinux, drivers, general support, optimization etc. in the project. The product will be released in December 2007. For more information see the Analog and Popcatcher websites. Popcatcher

The Conference telephone KT300

The new Konftel 300 is a revolution. Never before have so many innovative features been packed into a conference phone. Rubico have had the honor to help Konftel with the extensive development project that was the KT300. The KT300 is built around a Blackfin DSP from Analog Devices which ensures that enough power exists for all signal processing. We have contributed with our extensive knowledge around the Blackfin architecture and have done some driver development. Konftel is Europe’s leading manufacturer of conference telephones. KT300

Speech newspaper receiver Adela

One of Rubico’s first larger projects was to develop software for the DSP-based speech newspaper receiver Adela to Microbit AB. Adela is mainly used by visual impaired people and enables them to receive and listen to the newspaper that is broadcasted over the Swedish FM-radio during the night. The system is used by around 8.200 subscribers. Apart from a well adjusted and tested user interface the software contains a number of algorithms developed by Rubico. BL Elektronik is responsible for production, logistics and warranty issues. Adela


C4 stands for “Communication Concepts for Challenging Contexts” and is a project driven by Centre for Distance-Spanning Technology, CDT at Luleå University of Technology. The project is partly founded by EU and main focus is on an open DSP-platform from Analog Devices with processors from the Blackfin family. The main idea is to develop an open platform for advanced signal processing that uses uClinux. Rubico is involved in both driver development, hardware and software design. DSP-Card

Water level measurement

At Kappa Kraftliner in Piteå there is a huge drum for bark decortication that is driven and supported by 96 large truck tires. In order to have a safe working environment the tires must be filled with 80 percent of water. Kappa needed to measure the water level and turned to Rubico for a solution. We developed special measurement equipment and an algorithm to measure the tires in place. To be able to measure the level without having to demount the tires was necessary since each tire weighs about 400 kilo. The algorithm involves frequency analysis of the impulse response and can be adjusted for similar problems. Kappa