Our Services

Rubico offers consulting services around embedded systems development with extra focus on digital signal processing. We can take the complete responsibility for your whole project or just add the specialist competence you need to your existing project group.

Rubico strives to always use the best available tools and techniques, commercial or open source.

A few services that we offer within embedded systems and signal processing:

  • Pre-studies
  • On-site expertise
  • System Design
  • System Development
  • System Verification
  • Software Development
  • Project Management
  • Hardware Development
  • Digital Signal Processing
    • Algorithm Development
    • Algorithm Optimization
  • CE Certification
  • Tailored courses within our expertise

Embedded Systems

Rubico have completed projects based around various microcontrollers but has strong expertise around DSP-processors from Analog Devices and other manufacturers. The development tools used can be commercial or open source and in the case of electronic design we rely on the EDA-tool s from Cadsoft.

  • DSP-architectures (Not limited to)
    • ADSP-218x
    • ADSP-219x
    • ADSP-BF51x
    • ADSP-BF52x
    • ADSP-BF53x
    • ADSP-BF56x
    • ADSP-TS20x
    • TMS320C6713
  • GSM/GRPS wireless solutions from Telit
    • GT864-PY
    • GE-863-PRO3
  • Microcontrollers
    • ARM
    • PIC
    • AVR
  • FPGA
    • Xilinx
  • Linux/uClinux
    • Long experience of Linux / uClinux on DSP-platforms
    • Driver development
    • Application development
    • BSP development

Signal Processing

Signal processing is a very wide concept that includes analysis and manipulation of analog and digital signals. Rubico focus on digital signal processing which often is closely connected to DSP-systems. We can from an idea develop a mathematical model to solve a problem and thereafter implement the algorithm in a DSP or alternatively a PC. We can also from a mathematical model in for example Simulink/Matlab adjust it to be suitable for implementation in a fixed point processor. Our competence in digital signal processing:

  • Digital Filters
  • Adaptive Algorithms
  • Audio
  • Image processing
  • Fixed-Point Algorithms
  • Digital Communication
  • Software Phase Locked Loops
  • Spectral analysis
Signal Processing

Daughter card for sale

Our business idea is not focused on selling products so see the items below as a contribution to the open source community.


A daughter card for the BF53x-STAMP platforms with a MMC/SD-card holder from Alps. Contains a DIP-Switch for easy selection of GPIO pin for the CS signal. Designed originally for the BF533-Stamp but also fits the BF537-Stamp. A driver for uClinux has been released and accepted into the official Blackfin uClinux project. Documentation on how to enable the driver is available here. The complete schematic is ready for download here. The card has been developed in the ongoing C4 project called VPX. One can read more about the project on the homepage of Center for Distance-spanning Technology (CDT).

We sell the first batch for 45 USD per board + shipping. We currently prefer Paypal for these boards but for larger quantities wire transfer (>10) is accepted. Send a mail to sales@rubico.com with your order and we will respond as quickly as we can.